Sunpentown SPT SD-1501 Dish Dryer Review

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The SPT SD-1501 Dish Dryer is cheap, clean, efficient and did we already mention it’s cheap to buy?
Families of four or less who are looking for a simple dish dryer who can keep their dinnerware dry and sanitized should look into the Sunpentown SD-1501 3.4 Liter Dish Dryer. This dish dryer has a 3.4-liter capacity and can easily be placed on your counter next to the sink. Not only is the product good for drying dishes and other kitchenware, but it can also be used for baby bottles. The product is not only ideal for family kitchens, but can also be used by cooks and chefs in restaurants. I have a family of three and this dryer makes it easy for me to wash and load without having to hand dry every single dish or utensil. We plan to get a dishwasher when we buy and move into a new home, but with us currently living in a 2-bedroom apartment, the Sunpentown has proven itself to be very helpful and a time saver. Read on to learn more about features and reviews of the SPT SD-1501 3.4 Liter Dish Dryer.

SPT SD-1501 Dish Dryer

Sunpentown SPT SD-1501 Dish Dryer



SPT SD-1501 Dish Dryer Features

  • Timer Settings. One of the features of the Sunpentown SD-1501 3.4 Liter Dish Dryer is its range of timers that you can choose from. You can choose to set the timer to 20 minutes, one hour or you can set it in Auto instead so that the dish dryer automatically stops once your dishes are dry.  I tend to set my SD-1501 to Auto and it gets the job done for me. What is really neat about the dish dryer is that it has a built-in microprocessor that will detect if the items are already dry. So, there’s no need to keep opening dish dryer to check if the dishes are indeed dry.
  • Overheat Protection. Another important feature of the Sunpentown SD-1501 3.4 Liter Dish Dryer is its overheat protection. As you may already know, overheating is an important concern with most dish dryers. A dish dryer that can effectively dry dishes is still not a worthy purchase if it ends up overheating. Overheating can potentially lead to a fire which can obviously damage your property and harm your family. If you have kids, you know about their curiosities, such as always wanting to get into stuff that they shouldn’t. And that is where the overheat protection of this Supentown comes in handy. The Sunpentown SD-1501 3.4 Liter Dish Dryer automatically turns off when its temperature reaches 116 degrees Fahrenheit so you can have the peace of mind that your dish dryer will not overheat. The products cord is also UL-approved to maximize safety. It is kid proof and parent approved. I like that.
  • Compact Built. With its measurements of 20 x 15 x15, the Sunpentown SD-1501 3.4 Liter Dish Dryer is easily one of the most compact dish dryers in its class. This makes the product ideal for kitchens that have a limited counter space. With our rather smallish kitchen, we have to make good use of every bit of countertop space available. I think we have done a good job with it thanks to the SD-1501. Its small footprint is helps with space utilization in our kitchen. Its minimal footprint helps to maximize our countertop space.



  • 3.4 liters capacity
  • 20min. /60 min. /Auto timer
  • Dimension 15 W x 15 H x 20 L
  • Weight 13 pounds
  • Input voltage 120v / 60 Hz
  • 150 watt power consumption
  • ETL certified
  • One year warranty

Pros and Cons

I have found the drying capacity of the dryer to be very effective in drying baby bottles so if you have a baby and you are constantly washing and drying milk bottles, then you will find this dish dryer quite helpful. Having to use the handheld, baby bottle brush to clean my babies bottle was good while it lasted, but times have changed and better products have come along to make our lives a little easier. The Supentown is one of those products. The SD-1501 is also easy to use and requires no installation or assembly. Literally, it took me no more than five minutes to get it up and running. I also appreciated the auto timer feature as well as the safety that the overheat protection provides.

Now, I do have to complain about the tray that is supposed to collect excess water as stated in the manual. The tray doesn’t always do the job and water ends up collecting under the rack. The 20 minute dryer option is not exactly accurate and will not completely dry the dishes. A remedy for this would be to use the two other timer options (60-minute and Auto).

What we really like about this product apart from the price is it’s got a small footprint size, so takes up a small amount of valuable space in your home.


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