SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start LED Review

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We just had to include this machine as it’s been a popular selection for quite a few years now and never seems to lose appeal to buyers. Welcome, you are here for a reason and that is to find a small dishwasher to fit comfortably in your kitchen whether it is for a home, a small apartment, or even an office. Maybe, you are finding your kitchen chores becoming a burden with cooking and cleaning leaving you no time to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

SPT SD-2224DS Open

SPT SD-2224DS Open


We have taken it upon ourselves to help you and compiled the following SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start & LED Review providing you with useful information when you are in need of buying yourself one.

Superb Qualities That Makes The SPT SD-2224DS Unique

The SPT SD-2224DS is a unique countertop dishwasher that will fit easily on your countertop or beneath the counter. Designed for comfort and use, it measures 21.6” x 19.7” x 17.2” inches and available in silver to fit in with your kitchen décor.

If you have a small family, the SD-2224DS provides you with a generous capacity to hold up to 6 regular place settings. The dishwashers equipped with a faucet adapter for ease of installation and does not require a plumber to take care of it saving you money. The faucet connectors are universal and fits to both male and female threaded faucets.


This top rated dishwasher provides you with ease of loading items as the baskets fitted with a plate rack that you can put away horizontally if required. You receive a cutlery basket to place your cutlery in keeping them secure in place.

For your convenience, there is an automatic detergent and rinse dispenser while the electronic controls are easy to use and the LED display provides you with the remaining time on a wash cycle. The appliance comes programmed with seven different wash cycles:

  • Heavy – for heavy soiled loads
  • Normal – for standard daily cycle
  • Light – for lightly soiled loads
  • Mini party – great for your glasses, fine china, and crystal
  • Rinse – this cycle used for non-greasy items
  • Speed – great for lightly soiled items
  • Soak – great if you want to soak your dishes for washing later

You can change wash programs once the units started up and has only worked for a short while to add more dishes, if needed. For added convenience, you have a delay start between 1 – 8 hours while the indicator lights warn you about water supply and when rinse aid needs adding.

No Blockage of Drains

The SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start & LED has a superb filter system, preventing any blockage of drains and consists of the following:

  • Coarse Filter – this filter holds large food items
  • Fine Filter – soil and food residue is held in this filter and prevents it from being re-deposited on items while washed
  • Main Filter – this part of the filter pulverizes food

Save On Your Utility Bills

The SPT is one of the most reliable dishwasher brands when it comes to saving costs on your utility bill. It provides you with a 203 kWh/year and uses residual heat for drying dishes, saving you some big costs on your energy bill.

Moreover, it is CSA listed and safe for the environment and runs quietly at 55 decibels so there is no need of shouting at each while having a conversation and prevents confrontation with your neighbors while living in flat lets.

SD-2224DS Open angled

SPT SD-2224DS Open angled

Terrific Features

  • Has a capacity to accommodate 6 place settings
  • For ease of use there is an electronic control panel with easy to read LED display
  • Includes 7 wash cycles from normal, light, rinse, heavy, speed, mini party, and soak
  • For convenience, it provides you with a delay start from 1 – 8 hours
  • User-friendly automated detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  • Has indicators, warning you about the water supply or if you need to add rinse aid
  • For easy installation, you receive a universal adapter
  • Energy expenditure 203 kWh/year
  • Residual heat for drying
  • Removable silverware basket

Customer Reviews

The dishwasher ratings provided at different online retailers when buying the SPT countertop dishwasher is superb. Customers are pleased with the product as it fits into any small or big kitchen. Some have bought the appliance for their RV’s making their holiday experience a breeze as there is no need of cleaning dirty dishes. It is a time saver and saves them costs on their utility bills. The product is durable and easy to use.


  • Compact to fit into any small or big kitchen
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use controls and easy to read LED display
  • Has a delay switch
  • Has indicator lights
  • Accommodates up to 6 place settings


Presently, we could not find any negative remarks regarding the SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher.


For a person who has a busy lifestyle, and too tired to do their dishes when arriving home from work this countertop dishwashers a great investment. The SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start & LED fits comfortably beneath a tabletop or on top of the counter. It is easy to install with the provided universal faucet adapter and packed with superb features, style, and durability to make your kitchen chores a pleasure! Presently sold at online buy it at an affordable price be first one to rate it. Alternatively, if you own one let us know why yours is so special to you!


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