How To Load A Dishwasher Correctly And Other Dishwasher Tips


People do use different methods as we found when asked to how to load a dishwasher at home.

Our suggestions for how to load a dishwasher correctly are;

Pre-rinse dishes if they’re just going to be left to sit in the machine all day or overnight before being washed.
If you’re going to load it and use it straight away, just scrape any surplus food waste off into the bin, load up and you’re good to go.

Bottom rack is for plates, dishes, bowls. Load these items so that the dirty side faces the water spray.
Cutlery into the basket, try to distribute these evenly to ensure they get a thorough wash cycle.
Long pieces of cutlery such as carving knives can block if put in the basket, the spray from tubes, nozzles or rotating arm.
These items should instead be laid down safely in the upper rack.
Upper rack is usually for cups, small glasses, and you can use this space for bowls too.

Don’t overcrowd the dishwasher thinking this is a money saver as it traps food on your dishes. This results in you having to wash items again.

How much detergent should I use in my dishwasher?

There’s no simple answer to this, if you’re using tablets or pods, check the box for guidance.
If you’re using powder or liquid, it depends on the size of your machine, so it’s best to check out the instructional booklet that comes with your machine.
Another place to check is your dishwasher manufacturers website.


Hard or Soft water area?

You’ll benefit if you’re in a hard water area by adding a little extra detergent. Accordingly if the water in your area is soft, do the opposite and try using a little less detergent. You’re not able to do this if using tablets or pods, so this only applies if using free pour gel or powder.
One option is the Finish Hard Water Dishwasher Booster which is easily available to order and is a popular choice.

Should I use any of these types of dishwasher detergent; gel, pod, powder, or tablet?
The choice is yours really, buy whatever you prefer. Some use tablets as they’re easier and don’t require measuring out. You simply open the packet, remove the packaging and insert the tablet in your dishwasher. There are so many different tablets on the market,
Other people prefer gel as it doesn’t need to dissolve as much as a powder.
Available in all different pack sizes as well as different scents, with Lemon being quite a popular choice.
Some of the brands have built in grease removers, others have rinse aid type properties included in their design.

Rinse Aid / Agents helps rinse away residues, helps prevent spots and streaks & can assist in drying the dishes. Rinse aid agents also come in different fragrances as well as fragrance free options.
Some brands are reported to have the technology to help strengthen and protect glass wear from permanent clouding and scratches.
Do you need to use a rinse agent with every wash? No, not at all but it can help without a doubt.

What’s the best way to store automatic dishwasher detergent?

Liquid and gel usually comes in bottles with secure fastening caps. This is ideal if you have small children or pets in the home.
Powder needs to be stored in a dry, cupboard area, if possible transfer into a plastic storage tub. It’s important to avoid moisture coming into contact with powder.
If the powder does become damp, it’s going to form into solid lumps and won’t work as effectively.
Tablets generally come individually wrapped in foil or plastic wrappings. Try to avoid unwrapping these with wet hands where possible.

Things to avoid putting through your dishwasher.

Bone china (hand painted or antiques), pewter, crystal, solid silver cutlery and decorated glassware.
If anything is of commercial or sentimental value, it’s better to be safer than sorry and wash these items by hand. Hopefully this goes without saying, nothing would be worse than putting an item of family sentimental value into the dishwasher for it to come out damaged, then to find it is irreplaceable.
Sharp knives and items are best washed by hand where you can, if only for safety reason. Objects can move in a dishwasher and there’s nothing worse than opening the door for a sharp knife to fall out onto your foot, or someone to reach in to get a cup and end up cutting themselves on a knife they didn’t realise was there.



How to load a dishwasher correctly




There are dozens of different dishwasher products on the market, we personally use the same brands each time we are buying. For us it’s a personal taste, we like the product, we like the finish on the products once cleaned. We often buy in bulk with the multipacks and these are the ideal items to add to the subscribe & safe option.
Look after your dishwasher and it will last longer. Dual Action Dishwasher Machine Cleaner is a really handy product which helps to keep your dishwasher clean and running smoothly. This product is easy to use, simply place bottle upside down in the bottom dish rack. Keep cap on and make sure the wax plug is exposed. Do not use any soap or dishwasher detergent. Run a cycle on the highest temperature setting and this cleaning product works by breaking down and removing mineral build-up from the working parts and interior areas.

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