Koldfront PDW60EB Countertop Dishwasher


Countertop Portable Dishwasher PDW60EB

Just to confuse you guys, we’ve added images of the white version PDW60EW of this product, but reviewed the black one. But if you’re smart enough to be here reading, then we know you’re also smart enough to see what we did there.

Koldfront 6 Place Setting PDW60 White

Koldfront 6 Place Setting PDW60 White

If you happen to have a small kitchen or perhaps live alone and would find a full-size dishwasher something of a luxury, then the Koldfront PDW60EB countertop portable dishwasher might be just the thing you need. This portable dishwasher can take a full four place settings of standard size, including plates of up to 10.5 inches in diameter, even though it is compact enough to fit on your countertop.

As with most portable dishwashers, this model will use less water per wash than you would use by washing dishes by hand. It also needs no permanent installation. The inlet hose simply connects to your faucet and the machine is plugged into the electricity supply and it is ready to go. To allow more flexibility in siting the portable dishwasher, it is equipped with a five foot connecting hose. It is under 18 inches high and will fit under most standard cabinets when not in use.

For long life and for easy cleaning, the Koldfront PDW60EB portable dishwasher has a stainless steel interior. This will ensure that the interior will show no signs of rust. Other useful features are a silverware basket, a rinse agent dispenser which will help reduce water spotting, and an internal water heater boosts this Koldfront unit’s water temperature to up to 149°F – with a stainless steel interior and heavy wash cycle to ensure spotlessly clean dishes with every wash .You can find these portable dishwashers on sale at many outlets and they tend to be fairly affordable.

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Product Features and Specifications

  • Stainless steel interior for extended durability
  • Powerful spray arm
  • Silverware basket included
  • Five foot connecting hose
  • Rinse agent dispenser
  • Internal water heater
  • Weight 48.5 Pounds
  • Depth 19-11/16″
  • Width 21-11/16″
  • Height 17-3/16″



Koldfront Black

Koldfront Countertop Dishwasher PDW60EB




PDW60EB Reviews

The reviews for this portable dishwasher were generally full of praise for its ability to get dishes clean. Users were also pleased at the easy installation although one person remarked that the instructions from the manufacturer seemed to make the job out to be more difficult than it really is. The machine was said to be acceptably quiet, an important factor as most portable dishwashers are used in small areas close to other rooms.

There was praise also for the capacity of this portable dishwasher. It was said to be a perfect size for a single person and a couple would be able to manage with it. On its rapid wash setting it only takes about 75 minutes to complete a wash and this setting was the only one needed according to one reviewer.

As with most portable dishwasher reviews, some people commented that the drying of dishes left something to be desired. Compared to full-size dishwashers this does seem to a feature of the portable dishwasher.

All things considered the PDW60EB seems to a machine that offers a reasonably good performance at a low price and deserves to be on your shortlist of portable dishwashers to investigate.

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Energy Consumption:

The dishwasher uses only 200 kilowatt hours per year – approximately 61% less energy than similar countertop dishwashers, which speaks out loud for people looking at energy efficient machines.

Finally, if you don’t think the Black will blend into your kitchen scheme, there’s always the more neutral PDW60EW White version available.


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