GE Portable Dishwasher Review


Featuring an easily convertible design, the GE portable dishwasher is a compact and stylish GE portable dishwasherproduct for your household. The dishwasher comes from a reputed brand, boasting of high durability and exceptional usability features to favor users. It facilitates full touch tap controls.

To change settings and configuration, all you have to do is use the one touch control. Tap it and the dishwasher will get the job done. The highly spacious product design is capable of holding dishes in 12 places at once, getting more of them cleaned at once. Large capacity saves time and makes it easy to load/unload.

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The portable dishwasher is equipped with different scrub systems with added power to get rid of tough food stains. It features hot water system and water jets built in to the product. Based on the configuration that you choose, the features will be utilized to clean dishes with amazing results.

A closer look at the GE portable dishwasher

Portable design

Sporting an impressive design, the GE portable dishwasher is fully convertible. The product is compactly designed by default to fit into any area in your home. It can also be converted using the GE Kit WD35M34 which will allow you to move the dishwasher under the counter, for saving even more space.

GE portable dishwasher review

The conversion kit is not included in the bundle and has to be purchased separately, based on your requirement. Cycle process indicator is integrated in the front that allows users to know the dishwasher’s current phase and pending steps.


The equipment is capable of accommodating 12 place settings during single wash. It features PermaTuf large capacity tub and has two different upper/lower rack for easy placement. The upper rack has standard sized positions with tower for large dishes while the lower allows only standard dish placement. There are three different wash arms, including upper dome, middle tower and lower wash arm.

GE-portable-dishwasher-2aFive wash cycles

For the convenience of users, the product supports five different wash cycles. They include normal wash, rinse only, pots and pans, plate warmer and an exclusive heavy wash to get rid of tough stains. The power scrub wash system promotes extra-clean dishes. You can choose to use precision water jets and hot temperature whenever required, with one touch settings.

Product features

An impressive aspect of the GE portable dishwasher is the Quiet Power Motor, a technologically advanced motor system which is very silent during operation. The dishwasher is controlled using the Touchtap dial with four touchpads. Front controls offer easy access and ability to switch settings whenever required.

It also has a two stage self-cleaning water filtration system with Extra Fine Filter technology to promote cleanliness.

Additional information

Built in silverware basket is removable and makes it easy to organize your flatware. The dispenser has a GE-portable-dishwasher-4arinse aid and the Piranha hard food disposer avoids any food particles from hurdling the operation. This Energy Standard certified dishwasher consumes minimal power and is an energy efficient choice for your residence.

The dimensions of the product are measured at 36 3/8 x 27 x 24 7/8 inches and weighs 131 lbs. It comes with a limited one year entire appliance parts and labor warranty. The product is assembled in USA.

Last thoughts on the GE portable dishwasher

The sleek design of the GE dishwasher will certainly look good in amongst your other kitchen furniture and white-goods. But it is more than just a good looking device, it really does its job very well too. It is easy to load and unload, and the cleaning it does is extremely thorough. The GE portable dishwasher is a reliable option, and a good addition to any kitchen.


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