GE GDT530PSDSS Stainless Steel Dishwasher Review


GE GDT530PSDSSHaving an energy efficient and versatile product adds convenience to the overall lifestyle. The GE GDT530PSDSS fully integrated dishwasher is one such reliable product made of heavy duty build and has large dish positions for getting bulk number of items washed at once.

This product is equipped with Piranha hard food dispenser system. The name inspired by the Piranha fish for obvious reasons, the strong, sturdy dispenser stops hard food from clogging the system and ensures smooth cleaning process. It saves you the trouble of manually having to remove food particles, in case they hurdle proper water flow.

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When using dishwasher in the kitchen or in any part of the residence, individuals find high sound decibels annoying because it hinders daily activities. Designed to be completely noiseless and offer smooth operation, the GE dishwasher emits sound levels at 52 dBA which is extremely silent made possible by two pump system. It provides reduced sound yet sparkling dishes.

Other added features found in the GDT530PSDSS include a fan assist dry system and Active Vent. The built in heating element helps heat the air in the interiors during operation, powered by a hidden fan. The rotational system promotes better hot air circulation which plays an integral role in drying the dishes promptly.

Design features of the GE GDT530PSDSS

Featuring complete stainless steel tub and door liners, the GE GDT530PSDSS dishwasher is a premium quality product which has fully integrated electronic controls. For the convenience of users, the buttons and display panel is conveniently placed on the top. It has six touch pads and supports one touch configuration settings.

GE GDT530PSDSS review

Configuration controls

Armed with excellent configuration controls, the dishwasher has a start or reset pad, control lock and an end of cycle signal with audible tones. You can know the washing is done with a single beep sound. It also has last cycle memory besides light indicators for clean, sanitized and lock signals to indicate current status. Exterior end of cycle light allows instant notification.

GE-GDT530PSDSS-5a16 settings capacity

Exceptional high load capacity of the product features 16 settings with tower less racking system. The lower rack is tower less while the upper rack is deep tiered and is readily removable. Easy positioning is facilitated by one piece silverware basket built with three cell covers and ball tipped tines. There’s also two plastic utility shelves supported with stem safe capability.

Four wash cycles

The product supports four different wash cycles including automatic, normal wash, light wash and sanitized wash which is certified by the NSF. The certification ensures hot temperature water is used for bacteria free dishes.

Options included in the dishwasher are delay start with 2, 4 or 8 hour settings, steam prewash to remove hard stains, heated dry and automatic hot start. The equipment uses multi wattage calrod heater and fan assisted drying system.

Additional informationGE-GDT530PSDSS-2a

With three direct lower, upper and middle wash arms, sparkling clean dishes are delivered every time you use the GE GDT530PSDSS dishwasher. The product dimensions are 34 x 24 3/4 x 24 inches and it weighs 110 lbs.

It comes with limited one year appliance warranty on parts and labor. The hard-counter top ready installation supports instant usage on delivery. Leveling adjustable legs allow it to be placed on uneven surfaces with added stability.

Final thoughts on the GE GDT530PSDSS

This stylish dishwasher is designed for those that have a family and will generate more plates and cutlery to wash on a daily basis. The machine is very efficient, and does its cleaning thoroughly and quietly too. It is very easy to use, and offers a lot of functionality to the user. The GE GDT530PSDSS is a premium dishwasher that offers a lot of quality for the money.



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