Empty The Dishwasher – Foolproof Guide.



This is not a science based guide, there’s no external referencing for this article. This is just my take on how I empty the  dishwasher. There’s no right way or wrong way, but I maintain I am totally correct in my logic here. To find out how did we get into talking about how to unload a dishwasher, read on.


How to load a dishwasher

This debate came about after a BBQ, when 3 of my mates decided to give me a hand clearing everything away, and we got into a friendly debate as to how to load a dishwasher. Mike had started putting things into the machine, then Steve went and removed a couple of items, to rearrange them his way.

Mike came back in from outdoors with more dishes, stood there looking a little confused then he rearranged the things back to how it was originally. He did this just as Steve reappeared. As you can imagine they then began to debate these important aspects of domestic life. Well these 2 guys were stood having a conference about how to load a dishwasher, while I stood back with my other friend and we watched how this unfolded before our eyes.

What should have taken 5 minutes at the most was now approaching the 20 minute mark, and still wasn’t quite through. Eventually the last cup was in the machine, the detergent tablet was added and the start button pressed – job done.

Now we had said we’d either play darts or shoot some pool, so we headed into the garage where I have a nice, pool tale all set up. The balls were racked and Steve was ready to break. Out of the blue though Mike chimes up with a comment about loading the dishwasher. Andy and I just looked at each other, here’s 4 guys, all well over 6 feet tall, none of us are small build and we’re here shooting pool debating the correct way to load a dishwasher.


Empty the dishwasher

After a good hour playing pool where we’ll say it finished evens we went back into the kitchen, to grab another beer and prepare to sit down and watch a movie on the television. Steve came into the kitchen with me and announced he’d empty the dishwasher for me, to save me the task. At this point Mike had appeared and he too offered to do this job. I decided here to put my foot down and educate these friends of mine as to the correct way to unload the dishwasher. Here goes;


  1. Always start at the bottom, pull the bottom rack out first. This way it means that any debris or dirty water that could possibly be on the upper rack(s) won’t get dislodged when the rack is moved and fall onto the clean items in the bottom.
  2. I usually have a tea towel laid out on the counter top where I place each item as it comes out. Yes 99% of the time everything is dry, but this is just in case.
  3. I take the cutlery basket out and leave this on the counter top, so when I remove any other utensils or carving knives from the top rack, I can take them all away together into the correct storage drawer unit.
  4. I remove all the other items from the bottom rack and place these on the counter, ready to put away.
  5. Once the bottom rack is empty, I then proceed to slide out the top rack.
  6. Again I remove the cups and glasses, ensuring they’re all clean and dry. Sometimes the base of the cups while upside down in the dishwasher, may retain water so I place these the correct way up onto the towel on the counter.
  7. Carving knives, serving tongs and other larger items are taken along with the cutlery and placed in their drawer space. Plates are stacked and they’re taken to their dedicated cupboard. The same process is followed for cups, glasses and dishes.

Following all this, I place the cutlery basket back into the machine, giving a quick glance into the bottom of the tub to make sure there’s no item has fallen in there, such as a small tea spoon or to ensure there’s no build up of food waste that could clog the system. Then the door’s closed and the job done.


Danby DDW1899BLS review

Remember bottom drawer first !

It’s my way, I maintain it’s the correct way. It’s methodical and it’s logical. I came to this conclusion not by being in a laboratory but by being at home one evening. My partner had gone out to the store, I heard the dishwasher had finished the cycle so I decided to empty it while she was out.
What I hadn’t banked on was she’d put in a plastic container, one of the rectangle shaped ice cream type tubs, to wash so she’d be able to use it for dog treats. Due to this being so lightweight it had turned itself onto its side in the machine and had retained quite a large amount of the dirty water.
My old method had always to slide out the bottom rack part way, then remove the cutlery basket. Then slide out the top rack for the larger knives. This is what I did on this particular evening.

This time though all the filthy water from the container spilled out due to the movement of the rack. It poured out partly over some of the cups in the top but then it all poured itself over all the clean plates and side plates in the bottom. There was gunk and debris in the bottom of that container, so I could see straight away how dirty that water must have been.

So everything went back in, I got out of the box  a new Finish All in 1 Powerball tablet which I put into the dishwasher. For good measure I added a splash of Finish Jet-Dry Dishwasher Rinse Aid and closed it all up and turned it back on.

Being the good guy I am, I then set the coffee machine going, so she’d have a nice cup of coffee waiting for her for when she got back with her shopping and then I’d offer to unload the dishwasher.

That ladies & gentlemen is how I learned how to unload a dishwasher the correct way.





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