Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher Review



Maybe it’s not the lightest portable dishwasher available, but it’s still a great seller. One of the more popular products is the DDW611WEB, which has been described as having a Modern Design With A Small Footprint And Low Noise, so what more could you ask for?

Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher

You won’t be the first this week to purchase one of these nor will you be the last, that’s how popular this particular model has been over recent years.

If you’re stuck with a small kitchen and have been trying to fit a dishwasher the Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher can offer a practical and inexpensive solution.

Specifically designed for countertop use the DDW611WLED measures roughly 17.25in high, 19.75in deep, 21.75in wide and weighs about 50lbs. It’s compact enough to sit next to your sink or can be placed on a kitchen cart for easy manoeuvrability.

As with most countertop dishwashers there is no complicated installation. Everything you need to get up and running is included. The only restriction is that a faucet and sink are within reach of the supplied hose lines (plus a nearby electrical socket for the power cord).

Since the Danby DDW611WLED is not permanently installed it is easy to move at a later date if needed. If you have to relocate frequently this setup can save a lot of time and money over the more traditional built-in models.

The Danby DDW611WLED comes in a kitchen friendly white finish with stainless steel interior. The electronic controls are straightforward with buttons for power on/off, delayed start, wash cycle and start/pause. There are also indicator lights for power, rinse aid warning and selected wash cycle. A small LED display shows the amount of time left in the wash cycle.

There are six different program settings depending on your needs: ‘Heavy’, ‘Normal’, ‘Light’, ‘Glass’, ‘Speed’ and ‘Soak’. Note that only the first four make use of the built-in rinse aid.

Like most countertop dishwashers this model is very frugal to operate. A little over 3 gallons of water needed on a normal wash cycle and just one tablespoon (15 grams) of detergent. This is both good for your pocketbook and the environment.

The DDW611WLED can handle six place settings but plate diameters over 10.5 inches will not fit easily. You can work around this limitation by spacing things further apart and leaning to one side. It’s not ideal but saves you having to buy new dishware.




Danby DDW611WLED Filter




If you plan on positioning the DDW611WLED on your kitchen countertop you should first check that you have enough room. This is especially true if you have overhead cabinets. Make sure the cabinets are high enough to clear the machine and that your countertop is wide enough so as it fits without hanging off the edge.

Installation consists of nothing more than attaching a faucet adapter to your faucet and connecting the hose lines.

Included with the unit you should find the following parts:

  • Faucet adapter
  • Drain hose
  • Inlet hose
  • Quick connect

Begin by attaching the faucet adapter to your kitchen faucet. If your faucet has an aerator you should remove that first. The adapter is designed to fit both female and male threads and simply screws into the place of the aerator. If the adapter cannot make a good seal with the faucet it will leak. In this case try wrapping the outside thread with teflon tape before attaching the adapter.

Take the inlet hose (the one with the large star shaped connector) and attach to the inlet port of the dishwasher. Attach the drain hose to the drain port using the end with the plastic elbow and six sided nut.

Attach the other ends of each hose to the quick connect valve. Make sure the drain hose is attached to the long connector and the inlet hose to the short connector.

The quick connect snaps directly onto the faucet adapter’s nozzle. Just pull down on the outer locking collar and slide over the adapter nozzle. Release the collar a let it snap into place.

It is not uncommon for these connections to work lose over time resulting in leaks. You might also find leaks the first time you hook everything up. The first reaction by most owners is to further tighten. Unfortunately, this often leads to stripped threads on the quick connect or the dishwasher itself. Instead use teflon tape as this can usually bring leaks under control without the risk of damaging the connections.

If this is the first time using the machine it is usually a good idea to do a test run to make sure everything is working as expected. Slowly turn the faucet control to allow water to flow. Double check all the hose connections, especially those at the back. If everything is in order close the door and connect the power cord. Turn the machine on and select the ‘Soak’ wash cycle. Press the start button to start the cycle.

This will set the dishwasher into a short 10 minute program allowing you to check that everything is functioning correctly and there are no other leaks.

Danby DDW611WLED Results


In the case of the Danby DDW611WLED countertop dishwasher size really does not matter after all. Despite the cramped interior dishes and bowls came out clean and glassware streak free. Even though there are six wash cycles you will probably find the ‘glass’ setting sufficient in most situations (it runs in 70 minutes and uses less than 3 gallons of water).

This dishwasher has a noise level rating of 55dBa. This is only 5 dBa louder than some of the premium brand machines. Something to consider if you plan on watching TV with the machine running nearby.

The Danby DDW611WLED sports a stylish exterior and low operating costs. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t make a lot of noise. For anyone wishing to escape the chore of washing up it’s a tempting option.

  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • 6 Wash Programs
  • Silverware Basket
  • Electronic Controls
  • 55dBa Noise Rating
  • Energy Star Certified



There is a newer model of this machine available in the marketplace, the Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher, White. If you’re wanting further details of this model, let’s take you there straight away by clicking here for more information.

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