Danby DDW1899WP Portable Dishwasher Review


Boasting an extremely slim and sleek design, the Danby DDW1899WP portable dishwasher is a Danby DDW1899WP visually aesthetic and a practical addition to any home. The product comes by default in a rich white finish and is bundled with vast range of features that helps users get hassle free cleaning solutions. Multiple place settings allow you to store dishes of any size and every size conveniently.

Spacious interior compartments allows you to get multiple dishes cleaned at once, which saves utility bills and time spent in loading/unloading them in batches. The product is eco-friendly and its minimal foot print makes it easy to store it in the kitchen.

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The dishwasher is integrated with roller wheels on the bottom made of sturdy plastic. You can easily move the dishwasher into any place you want in the kitchen whenever you require, and bring it back with ease, so that it doesn’t hinder your daily work.

A closer look at the Danby DDW1899WP

Danby DDW1899WP reviewSleek, mobile design

Coated with thick plastic exterior for added grip and durability, the Danby DDW1899WP dishwasher features a portable design, easy to move around whenever required. At only 18” inches wide, it fits within the kitchen counter and has built in castors to promote mobility.

The product has integrated water softener system and low water consumption feature. Such additions help people use the dishwasher in remote cottages, condos and apartments efficiently.

8 place settings

The dishwasher is integrated with 8 place setting capacity. It also has a silverware basket to get Danby DDW1899WP dishwasherflat dishes cleaned. Other additional features found in the equipment include automatic detergent dispenser and rinse agent dispenser.

The dispenser system saves you the hassle of having to clean the dishwasher manually after usage. The Energy Star compliant product consumes less power even when under full load.

6 wash cycles

Equipped with six different wash cycles, the Danby DDW1899WP portable dishwasher is highly convenient to use and offers excellent efficiency. The simple electronic control panel is combined with four speed selector switch. Wash cycles include five to fifteen minute programs with delayed shutdown, automatic shut off for intensive levels, rinse, heavy rinse among others.

Danby-DDW1899WP-5aProduct dimensions

Dimensions of the product are measured at 17 11/16” x 26 x 36 inches. Approximate maximum weight of the dishwasher is 129 lbs. It has a built in halogen lighting with automatic dimmer system when not in use and the filter saturation timers are fully programmable.

The front mounted control allows easy access to switch between wash cycles and alter configuration as needed. The product features a single heavy duty motor system which is double sided for better horsepower and is capable of delivering up to 625 CFM.

Additional information

Coming from a reputed brand as Danby, the dishwasher boasts of better durability and longer life even when used regularly. It is equipped with a stainless steel spray arm and interior surfaces which are resistant to corrosion and rust accumulation.

Low water consumption and water softener are exclusive features that allow both residential Danby-DDW1899WP-2aowners and professionals to use the product, in any location. It is a multi-purpose piece of equipment designed for convenience and usability. The product comes with twelve months parts and labor coverage. The brand provides in-home service during the warranty period.

Last thoughts on the Danby DDW1899WP

The narrow design of the DDW1899WP is ideal for those with smaller kitchens, and want to be able to integrate a dishwasher into the overall kitchen design. It does its job really well, cleaning all plates and cutlery very thoroughly, and it is also very easy to program and use. The Danby DDW1899WP offers a lot of quality for the price, so a great option if you are looking for a slimline dishwasher.


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