Danby DDW1899BLS Stainless Steel Dishwasher Review


Danby DDW1899BLSThe Danby DDW1899BLS dishwasher is designed to simplify the dish-cleaning process in your kitchen, with hassle free features that save time. When using an efficient product, you increase productivity and also experience the convenience of not having to do the same thing manually again. It cleans dishes with incredible ability, and will leave each piece looking like new.

Powered by reliable and durable motor system, the stainless steel dishwasher has spacious tub design to support more positions and its simple electronic controls offer one touch setting. To switch between the different variants of wash cycles that it offer, all you have to do is choose the settings by using the controls integrated in the front.

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Simplifying the dish washing procedure, the product not only promotes best results but it has exceptional durability, made possible by the pure stainless steel material used. Despite being rinsed with water regularly, it will not accumulate rust on the long run, ensuring a healthy environment for the residents.

A closer look at the Danby DDW1899BLS

Design features

The Danby DDW1899BLS dishwasher features a compact and slim design, with an attractive Danby DDW1899BLS reviewexterior finish. The Energy Star compliant product is an ideal addition for any household because it helps you get the job done without shooting utility bills high.

The simple electronic controls are easy to use. An integrated rinse agent dispenser and automatic detergent dispense allows you to rely on this automatic machine which doesn’t require manual cleaning or rinsing. Compact product design makes it portable and easy to use.

Eight position capacity

A total of eight place settings is supported by the product which comes built in with a silverware basket. Besides being energy efficient, the dishwasher is quite water efficient as well. The automatic water input control makes sure it absorbs only what is necessary from your storage and avoid wastage. Built in water softener system cleanses water before using it for washing, getting rid of germs and other pollutions in it.

Danby-DDW1899BLS-2a7 wash cycles

With seven different wash cycles, you will never run out of options. Clean even the most adamant food stain by using its in-built features and delivers clean dishes. The seven cycles include rinse only, jet spray, hot temperature water to remove oily stains among others.

The product ideally suits condos and residential homes. It is an able addition for isolated cottages and homes where the quality of water is usually low. Water softening system helps residents increase the durability of the product.

Product dimensions

Product dimensions are measured at 32.5 x 21.6 x 17.5 inches and it weighs 59.1kbs approximately. The Danby product comes with 18 months in home parts and labor, limited period manufacturer’s warranty. It has three wash arms and features a cutlery tray type. The noise decibel is rated at 55 which is quite tacit and will hardly be heard when in operation.

Additional informationDanby-DDW1899BLS-1a

The Danby DDW1899BLS stainless steel dishwasher comes by default in sleek black color and requires minimal setup before usage. It comes from a reputed brand known for their exceptional product quality and service. The product features steel spray arm and interiors which are rust free. It is powered by 120 volts input power and features a 22 inch deep counter for ideal dish positioning.

Final thoughts on the Danby DDW1899BLS

This slimline 18-inch dishwasher has a practical design that is easy to use. Ideal for smaller loads, the DDW1899BLS cleans very thoroughly and will ensure that all of your dishes and cutlery and clean and hygienic after each wash. If you are looking for a portable dishwasher in the $500 range, the Danby DDW1899BLS is a reliable choice.


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